Rolex movement all manual assembly and testing

For swiss replica watches has one of the greatest illusion is that they are made with a machine replica watches uk. This misleading spread is very wide, and even aBlogtoWatch the rolex replica friends have also believed that this statement is probably true. This is because Rolex has rarely discussed this topic in the past. Well, Rolex actually has all the expectations for a handmade ingredient that should be included in a Swiss watch made of high quality. Rolex does use the machine in the manufacturing process and may have the world's tallest watchmaking mechanization technology. Industrial robots and other automation equipment are used to complete the work that people are not good at completing. These tasks include classification, archiving, registration, and very fine processes that require machines to complete. The vast majority of these machines still need people to complete the operation. And all from the Rolex movement to the strap assembly by hand to complete. The machine is only used to assist in the work, such as providing the pressure of the mounting pin to help align the parts, press the pointer and so on. All Rolex watch pointers are handmade by skilled workers. Rolex's very strict attitude towards quality control is not too much emphasis. The key theme in manufacturing is to check, repeat the inspection, and then check again. Giving the impression that Rolex's goal is to ensure that if a Rolex is not qualified, it will never let it leave the factory. A large number of watchmakers and assembly workers for each of the Rolex production movement to detect. This test will be carried out before and after the Rolex movement is sent to the COSC for observing the observatory. In addition, before the distribution of products in the sale, Rolex will also carry the accuracy of the movement of the watch for several days in the simulated wear conditions under the test.