Rolex has its own scientific laboratory

Find out what rolex replica uk has done for years, and they will not be surprised by the fact that they have an internal R & D department. But not so simple. replica watches has not only one, but in their different factories have several different types of replica watches uk professional science labs with extremely fine equipment. These laboratories not only develop new watchs and develop new features, but also develop efficient and efficient processing technology and production processes. From a point of view Rolex is a strong production organization and the ability of the company, happens to be tabulation. Rolex's lab is colorful and amazing. For example, owned chemical laboratories may seem the most interesting. There are a large number of highly trained scientists in the Rolex and Laboratories' Rolex Chemistry Laboratory. What is research and development? Rolex develops oil and lubricants in the lab, which is essential in machining. Rolex has a laboratory equipped with multiple electron microscopes and gas chromatographs. Used to detect metals and other materials, to study the effects of processing and manufacturing. The results of the application is very strict routine testing, to avoid the production of bias and in advance to prevent the occurrence of various problems. Of course Rolex's scientific laboratory also developed the watch itself. An interesting laboratory is for stress testing. Here watch the movement, strap, case on a special machine to simulate wearing and receive rude use of the scene. So it is justified that Rolex is designed to be used for life (even with two lives).