In order to look better, they use an expensive and difficult to process special steel watch

Many watch enthusiasts know that replica watches uk exclusive use of a steel. Are stainless steel is also different. Stainless steel has different models and grades. The vast majority of swiss replica watches steel sheets are made of 316L stainless steel. Today, all the Rolex steel tables are made of 904L steel, as far as we know, there is no other brand to fake watches use this steel, what is the reason? Rolex also began using the same 316L stainless steel, but from about 2003 all started using 904L stainless steel. In 1988, released the first batch of 904L steel watch diving Sea-Deweller watch (Rolex official translation of the sea to the type, the domestic commonly known as King of Ghosts). 904L steel has a stronger resistance to rust and corrosion resistance, if processed properly, can be polished to an excellent degree of polishing. If you notice that Rolex's steel is different from other tables, it is because of the use of 904L steel, and because Rolex has been fully grasp the steel processing methods. It will naturally have a problem, since this 904L steel so well, why watch the other companies do not use the company 904L stainless steel? The reason should be that this material cost is more expensive and very difficult to process. In order to process 904L steel, Rolex replaced the vast majority of metal processing equipment and tools used before. Can do so because Rolex has enough production, and they all use the factory production parts. Most brands buy parts from external suppliers. So despite the 904L stainless steel performance compared to 316L stainless steel is more excellent, but because of higher cost, processing requires special equipment and technology and more difficult to handle. Also caused no other brands to choose this kind of steel, only Rolex exclusive use. The excellent performance of this kind of steel in your use of any one of the steel when it can be clearly felt.