Rolex has a professional team of gemologists

People say that swiss replica watches has a very strict standard for purchasing materials. For metal materials like this, for gems are the fake rolex watches same, such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds and so on. Rolex has a huge gem department, the responsibility is to buy, test, design and diamonds and other precious stones installed on the Rolex style models swiss replica watches. One of the important duties of gemstones is to ensure that the purchased gem is genuine. Such as by X-ray detection of the authenticity of diamonds. Rolex reported that in the years of testing of diamonds, 20 million of the only 2 is false. It seems to be worthless for such a small proportion. But in order to ensure absolute quality, Rolex detects every batch of diamonds. This also shows that the quality of the diamonds they choose, they only use IF (flawless) precision, whiteness D to G color (diamonds of the highest degree of white) diamonds. Each of the diamonds and gemstones (regardless of size) used on the Rolex watch are all hand picked and mosaic. Rolex hired traditional gemmers for the special style custom gem, with the world's top jewelry manufacturing using the same process. Rolex such a large output manufacturers to use such a level of handmade craft is amazing.