Each diving watch will be in the water tank to detect water resistance

All Rolex Oyster Case rolex replica watches are tested for water repellency. General uk replica watches industry waterproof test will be tested in the air pressure box. The rolex uk is placed in a small box filled with air, if the pressure changes, it shows that the air leaked from the case. Each Rolex Oyster watch, including the oyster diving watch will be airtight treatment. Each case is tested for air tightness before and after loading the movement and dial. The dive watch will also accept a separate process. After the air tightness test, the water resistance of each table to test, each Rolex's submarine table and deep submerged table will really be tested in the water, do this test very few manufacturers. The submarine watch is housed in a huge cylinder filled with water for testing to ensure that it is really waterproof for 300 meters. This test is very complex, Rolex use a complex system to test whether there is water into the case. After the table from the inside out of the tank, the table will be heated, and then a drop of cold water was placed on the table, observe the table whether there is water vapor to determine whether the water. Check whether the water is through the optical sensor to complete, you can measure the amount of water into the water. There will be fewer than one in 1000 tables that can not pass the test. And for deep dive series of watches (domestic commonly known as King of Ghosts) test is more complicated. Rolex worked with the New York Mercantile Exchange to develop a special high-pressure water tank to test each deep-dive series of watches. The appearance of this pressure tank looks like a sci-fi movie. There is a bit like a Gatlin machine gun. In this equipment can simulate the water depth of 12000 meters of pressure, each table test more than an hour.