Rolex's security comparable to the US Treasury Knox

There is no doubt that replica watches attaches great importance to security. For example, in swiss replica watches their alchemy factory, show me a timid rose gold bullion let me try to take a visit, this gold bars by weight conversion on the fake watches value of $ 1 million. There are a lot of gold bars here. And do a good watch is also very valuable, the need for safe and safe custody. Rolex has a series of extremely detailed and rigorous security procedures, even in the ground floor to reach the 007 James Bond level of security. I noticed that the watch assembly staff had an interesting system on their desk that landed through the fingerprint scan ID. All parts are scanned and sorted and saved. In fact, each Rolex movement has a unique serial number, will be photographed, with the case also has a unique serial number. In the future when the watch maintenance, the watchmaker will master all the information in this watch. To enter the Rolex safe, go through a bank-style door that requires an eye iris scan to verify. When the Rolex parts move from one place to another, use unrecognized heavy trucks (which appear to have heavy armor). Rolex for security is very important, a very important reason (and indeed the fact), Rolex watches are hard currency and money the same.