Advanced technology is the best friend of watchmakers

fake rolex watches's guiding ideology is very pragmatic and practical, if the user to swiss replica watches do good, by the people to do, if the machine is doing well, let the machine do. In fact, more watchmakers do not use the machine for two reasons. First of all the machine input is great, keep handmade in order to reduce costs. Second, the amount of their production does not reach the level of swiss replica watches. In fact, Rolex is just both the ability and the need to introduce automated production into the manufacturer. Rolex's automated production capacity is a concentrated expression in the center of the supply workshop. A large number of components are managed and supplied by automated robots. A watchmaker if necessary components simply submit a request to the system. And then through a series of transport delivery system, 6-8 minutes to reach the hands. Rolex uses automated robots to perform a large number of repetitive processes that require a high degree of fine operation. Many Rolex parts are initially polished by the robot and then manually machined and polished by hand. Although modern technology is an important part of Rolex's efficient watchmaking, robotic equipment and automated processing are still just handmade support